NYC Artificial Intelligence Primer

N. Parikh and A. Hohman

Establishing a clear understanding of what AI is, how it works, and what some of the key practical and ethical considerations are around its use is foundational to building an effective AI strategy. The City of New York’s AI Primer aims to help provide this foundation, primarily for an audience of technical, policy, business, or other decision-makers. This document is intended to provide a reasonable working knowledge and overview of AI and machine learning for a broad but reasonably senior audience, as opposed to the general public. This document is not specific to NYC and is also well-suited for use in other governments or in corporate or academic contexts.

Note: This is intended as an archive of NYC government materials related to the NYC AI Strategy that may shift or move as part of the transition to the Adams administration.

Citation: N. Parikh and A. Hohman. NYC Artificial Intelligence Primer. City of New York, Mayor's Office of the Chief Technology Officer, 2021.